The Cacao Farm


a farm, a restaurant, a hotel

Our vision of creating a restaurant with the most ridiculous nutrient dense meals (Weston A Price inspired) from food produced without chemicals in the world’s most mineral rich soil required us to move the restaurant to our farm and whose remote location required us to build high-end accommodations for our guests. We are a farm, a restaurant and a hotel, but all together we have created a unique experience that is deeply detoxifying and rejuvenating.

Dining Room
Panana Tree in the Dry Season


detox & rejuvenate

We live in Los Angeles, like many people living in large cities the light, sound and air pollution is a nuisance, the lack of quality food is frustrating and sitting in traffic is draining to our souls.

We need a break - to us the most rejuvenating escape is the opposite of our life in the city. At our farm, we have limited internet to one room onsite and we take care to limit the use of artificial light. Consequently, a day at the farm is a nearly full detox from electromagnetic radiation, social media, city noise and air pollution which is as calming and recharging as the meals which are 90% produced from ingredients grown onsite with the greatest care for nutritional value and natural purity.

The lifestyle onsite affords us the greatest resource - time, which guests are free to invest into recharging, connecting with fellow travelers or making progress on important projects that never get done “back home".

Bedroom Courtyard

“Farm to Table”? We are “Table to Farm”!

Where We Are

  • A 40 acre farm in a quiet rural farming area of Nicaragua.
  • A 3 hour flight from the hub cities of Houston, Atlanta and Miami to the Managua International Airport (MGA).
  • We provide secure transportation from the airport curb to our property (2.5 hour drive).
  • Hot and humid tropical lowland climate.
Location Map


what past guests say

We have a fantastic property and experience, but it is quite unique and rather extreme in some aspects. We have done our best to highlight what to expect in a visit and encourage you to contact us with questions, but please read reviews from past guests to get a fuller picture of what to expect from a visit.

How to Visit

  1. We adore the onsite experience we created for our families and are excited to open our property to guests for an initial session from Nov. 1st 2019 to Jan. 15th, 2020.
  2. Call, text or email Tom with questions and to check on availability: (213) 440-4634, <>
  3. Email your dates to <> and pay a 25% deposit from the confirmation email you receive.
  4. We can offer advice on the best flights to book and will coordinate your airport transfer to and from the farm.
  5. $80 per person, per day ($40 for kids). The daily fee includes airport transfers, 3 meals per day produced from the farm and a private room with AC and full bathroom.
  6. What to bring for the farm: waterproof boots, hat, jeans/long sleeves, gloves. Bug spray and sunscreen if you use them.
  7. What to bring for the hotel: we provide soap, shampoo/conditioner, bring anything else you will want, the closest store is a 25 minute drive.
Living Room